Working for Arthog Outreach

Climbing to new heights

Working for Arthog Outreach is always fun and this week was no different. I was involved in the delivery of my weekly environmental session, climbing and canoeing sessions.

Climbing at Grinshill
This was an end of year treat for a Year 6 group and they all did very well indeed. It was a slow start to the session as one or two were a little nervous but after they shock off the first climb nervesĀ almost everyone completed 4 routes. The group were rightly proud of their achievements and they left the rocks grinning like Cheshire Cats all wanting to do more.

Environmental Sessions
This was the start of a new four week block for a group of Year 4’s who were looking at the Anglo Saxons. To kick the session off, we looked at Anglo Saxon weaponry and had a spear throwing competitionĀ  (distance and accuracy). There was much laughter all round and one young person managed to throw the spear in excess of 1o metres.

The Ironbridge from the River Severn

Canoeing on the River Severn
Working with a Year 5 group we set off to canoe on the River Severn to canoe between Buildwas and Ironbridge. Due the water levels, I opted for rafted canoes and their was much laughter as we tried to paddle upstream, across the current, complete 360 spins and of course paddling backwards. With the canoe familiarisation sorted we then paddled off in to the sunshine to see the Ironbridge, which everyone was impressed to see from the river. The paddle back against the current, was best described as brutal, but everyone was really impressed with their achievement and the group told me it was the best day ever. A job well done in my opinion!

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