Working for Arthog Outreach

One of the theatre masks being sported by Tom

Another good week working for Arthog Outreach where I was leading environmental, caving and team building sessions.

Environmental Sessions
A new group of Year 3’s for the next 4 weeks and their theme for the remainder of the term is the Theatre. We had a quick chat about colours, smells, touch and feelings when out and about in nature and how the theatre uses these senses to enhance the performance. Then, the class made theatre masks (using the animal that best identified) and went outside for a nature quiz and it was quite surprising by how well the young people too to these activities.

Caving at Ogof Llanymynech
A lively mixed group of Years 7, & 9 who opted for caving trip and a pleasant little trip it was too. The group were particularly fascinated by how the limestone was formed and that they were walking through an old sea bed! Our trip took in the Fiveways Chamber and the puddle of truth and a little side hit on the Mandible Chamber.

Team Building Sessions
Just my morning group today and following discussion with the school staff we tried our hand at climbing and all the participants reached new heights. I was particularly pleased by how well they took turns and paid attention when they were belaying (walk back method).

A lovely week that was finished off by an afternoon of staff training in the form of working with mobility impaired people on the climbing wall. We looked at belay systems, assisted belaying and hoisting systems with specialist climbing harnesses.

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