Working For Arthog Outreach

This week at Arthog Outreach was simply a cracker!  I was leading my usual Environmental Session, climbing at Grinshill and a Canoe Trip on the River Severn.

Environmental Session
This was the third week of a four week block for the Class 10 and in preparation of the Anglo Saxon cooking session, we had a little fire lighting session, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. All the teams managed to light a fire and keep it going for 5 minutes as part of the fire challenge. As a reward we made some popcorn which was quickly devoured.

Climbing At Grinshill
This proved to be quite a nervous group despite the initial bravado! However, after a little encouragement, in a Challenge by Choice Environment’ all achieved great heights and left the crag happy with their achievements.

The chase is on – canoeing on the River Severn.

Canoeing on the River Severn
Despite early complications, we did a manage a canoe trip on the River Severn but in Shrewsbury, which the group thoroughly enjoyed. A little bit of upstream travel to a little beach for a spot of skimming stones and then a gentle paddle back with a few challenges (singing songs, head shoulders, knees and toes & stand up paddling). The group were reluctant to get off the water with all wanting to do more so a job well done in my opinion.


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