What A Week at Arthog Outreach

This week at Arthog Outreach I have mostly been leading Hill Walking & Caving sessions and both days were really entertaining.

Finding the way out

Finding the way out

Caving at Ogof Llanymynech
This particularly group of Year 5’s were particular keen to go caving despite being a little nervous about the underground environment. Despite being nervous all the group made their way into shaft chamber hearing about the history of the cave and the story of how my caving mentor Al got into caving. From Shaft Chamber, the more adventurous journeyed on into Fiveways Chamber and had a great time trying to find the way out to re-join the group. As a final challenge, ¬†we also went into Mandible Chamber and everyone got involved with the ‘lights out challenge’.

A cracking day in the Ogof and hopefully the young people will look back fondly on their underground experience.

A Visit To Earls Hill
A lovely walk through the woods with the Year 5 Group navigating and trying to identify the flora and fauna. It was a little windy on the top so we stayed just long enough to take in the view. The ‘waterslide’ challenge on the way down proved to be the highlight of the day along with the hot chocolate in a little den we found.

The young people were so impressed by the walk that the Class Teacher had quite a few parents pop in to ask for more information on where I had taken them so a job well done in my opinion.



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