Team Building Sessions for Arthog Outreach

Roped up traversing exercise

This week at Arthog Outreach, was a continuation of Team Building Sessions to Years 3 and Year 4. Two different groups and a whole set of new challenges. This all helps to keep everything fresh and ensures everyone has a good time.

Team Building Sessions With Year 3
This was a session based around the Plan – Do – Review cycle. Which is Year 3 speak is you have to think about it – do it – make it better. Using this approach we listed the key describing words that make up good teamwork (resilience being one of the schools core principles).

We played a variety of games, where the team evaluated their performance, noting what they did well and why or where they could improve. Their reward at the end of the session was to have a traversing game on the climbing wall.

Team Building Session With Year 4
This was a team building session delivered through the medium of climbing. Using this approach allowed us to apply and review trust, resourcefulness, communication and risk management strategies.

As both teams engaged with their sessions their was a noticeable difference in the young peoples behaviour. A trend that was commented on by the accompanying teaching staff. A job well done in my opinion.

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