Scout Association – T1 Hill Walking Permit Assessment

I’ve got this…….

A few months back, I was working with three lads from Caerphilly District on a Terrain 1 Permit Training Course. We had a fantastic day but the during the night navigation, the weather turned foul and we needed to tight control on the navigation.

Well the three amigos were back in April ready to show what they could do. To facilitate the assessment, I brought in my friend Wyn to ensure everything was in order. We met at the Craig-y- Nos Country park and headed off to Carreg Goch via various features. We descended to the Wellington Bomber crash site before heading off to Sinc Giedd. From there it was simple walk out to provide individual debriefs and to discuss the scout association rules.

Crash site – always makes me very thoughtful

All three candidates left with a T1 permit recommendation so well done chaps. The three amigos were extremely happy and I was proud to see them put all their training into practice.

If you would like CHMAS to provide training and or assessment for your hill walking permit then please get in touch –

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