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MTA Coaching Workshop – What’s on the Menu

Chris is a member of the Mountain Training Association (MTA) and they provide great CPD opportunities. This resulted in him attending a coaching workshop at the Hollowford Centre in the Peak District.  There were several workshops on offer and he opted for the following.

Motivation, Self Determination Theory & Coaching – Dr Rebecca Williams
A very thought provoking session  looking at the implications of Instructing versus Coaching. This allowed us to investigate how the different approaches can create behavioural change and long term athlete development.

Feedback – Mike Raine
I found this workshop very useful and it consolidated my thoughts and processes on giving feedback. Feedback must be evidence based, given honestly and at the appropriate time.

The Power of Demonstrations & Effective Structures of Practise – Joby Davis
An insight into the pyramid of learning so that we chose the right method to transfer the information. This then led to tools to create  powerful demonstrations and the use of varied practice in achieving the end goal.

Trust Based Coaching – Mark Sykes
Much if this talk was centred on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which as an NLP practitioner I am quite interested in. We also looked at the Oscar Model and how this related to Trust Based Coaching system.

I am still reflecting on what I’ve learnt from the workshop. Early indications are that it is more than I realised as I have noticed subtle changes in my activity sessions. Is it instructing or coaching or the right combination of both? The jury is still out on that one but I do have very happy clients!!


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