Mountain Leader Training Assessment

Checking our location before tackling the steep ground

Checking our location before tackling the steep ground

On Tuesday, I was working for Paul Pool Mountaineering running a security on steep ground ML assessment today and a mighty fine day it was too.

Our venue for the day was the Ogwen Valley and we made our way in Cwm Cneifion via devious ways to test out the candidates strategy for dealing with steep broken ground without the use the rope. Over lunch we chatted about leaders kit, before descending from Cwm to the top of the Gribin Facet, where we looked at confidence roping.

Here the real work began as we took the climbers descent path forĀ Gribin Facet which allowed the candidates the strut their ropework skills, which they did with quiet confidence.

A cracking day on the hill and I look forward to working with Paul in a few weeks time on another ML assessment.


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