Instructing for Arthog Outreach

Last week was a pretty good week at Arthog Outreach where I was involved in environmental education, climbing and team building sessions.

Frogs in the pond

Environmental Education Sessions
This was the last week for this Year 3 group so by way of a celebration, we looked at fire lighting. The group were given a challenge of lighting a fire and keeping it going for 10 minutes. A challenge that all the groups succeeded in. To finish off the session, we used the charcoal from the fire for a bit of impromptu face painting and had a quick look at the frogs in the nearby pond.

Climbing at Grinshill
So far this group had been hill walking and canoeing and they were quite excited about going climbing. Some where a little nervous but within the right environment ‘Challenge by Choice’ they all reached new heights with most reaching the top.

Team Building Sessions
My morning group went off exploring and tracking at Haughmond Hill and a mighty fine session it was too. We also found lots of things to talk about, pine cones (and ones eaten by squirrels), moss, fungi and bark from various trees.

My afternoon group, started on their John Muir Award by litter picking and doing tree maintenance around the centre. As a reward for doing so well, we finished off with a session on the low ropes course, which was appreciated by all.

A nice week and I rather enjoyed it. Lets hope for an even better one next week.

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