Instructing For Arthog Outreach

Another super week at Arthog Outreach where I was leading on environmental education, canoeing and caving sessions.

Leaf ID Guide - made by Year 4 Students

Leaf ID Guide – made by Year 4 Students

Environmental Education
Working with a Year 3 group on the school grounds we collected as many different leaves as we could find and then we went inside to name them using ID sheets, which the young people really enjoyed doing. The next part of the session was to draw different leaves on a picture of a tree and name them. These would then be used the following week as the ID sheets for a game of tree bingo.

This is one of our most popular activities and it was a mighty fine day to be canoeing on Simpsons Pool. We used rafted canoes, as the young people where particularly nervous and we played lots of games to build confidence. By the end of the session, nobody wanted to get off the water as they were having so much fun. A job well done in my opinion.

A nice little jolly to Ogof Llanymynech, with a Year 4 group. The group where particularly adventurous so I opted for a trip to the Belfry, which involves a little bit of squirming through the ‘Nut Cracker’. The young people led on the way out and thankfully, we didn’t take too many wrong turns!

A mixed week of activity and long may they continue.

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