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One off the fungi we spotted walking up the Wrekin

One off the fungi we spotted walking up the Wrekin

It’s been another lovely week at Arthog Outreach which has seen my leading Climbing and Hill Walking Sessions.

Walking Up The Wrekin
This week is the final week of the Wrekin Walk and I was working with two very different Year 1 groups. The first group had quite a few timid ones so I opted for a route with a moderate level of difficulty so that they could explore the surroundings a little more and we found lots of different varieties of mushrooms and we had some excellent views from the summit and played on the rope swing.

The second group were quite confident but needed a little bit of focussing so I opted for a more challenging route that would require their attention. This really paid off and by the end of the day they were a completely different group so much so their class teacher was really looking forward to their writing projects on the trip.

We also spotted lots of fungi which both groups liked identifying and to see some of the fungi we saw please click here.

Climbing at Grinshill
A very nervous group of climbers this week, which required a careful application of the ‘Challenge by Choice’ delivery method. This resulted in the group getting lots of repeat climbing attempts to develop confidence and hopefully push their personal boundaries. By the end of the session, everyone had achieved new heights and were grinning like Cheshire Cats with what they had achieved.


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