Hill & Moorland Leader Training Course – Observation

HML action in the Brecon Beacons

Chris is looking to become a Hill & Moorland Leader Provider and is currently building up the necessary portfolio to submit the application in August. As part of this process, he was privileged to work alongside Alan Ward of Bigfoot Services on his Hill and Moorland Leader training course and a mighty fine course it was too.

Day 1 – Getting The Basics Right
A day in the Brecon Countryside looking at the fundamental navigation skills, navigational strategies, group management and chatting about the natural environment. A top day out in great company

Day 2 – Journeying In the Hill & Moorland Environment
A day in the Brecon Beacons taking in the summit of Fan y Big looking at efficient movement, emergency procedures and the natural environment.

Day 3 – Applying the Learning
A journey to apply the learning with contour interpretation, hill talks and how to teach navigation. The day was finished off with a debrief and personal action plans.

A very enjoyable course to observe and its always a pleasure working with Alan Ward of Bigfoot Services. Now really looking forward to deliver these courses in the future once my application to become a Provider has been approved – fingers crossed and all that.

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2 Responses to Hill & Moorland Leader Training Course – Observation

  1. Graham Thorn says:

    How do I get on a course like this

    • chris says:

      I believe that I owe you to a response to a previous email too.

      Mountain Training (MT) run a series of personal competency and leadership awards and these are as detailed below.

      Hill Skills
      Personal skills award looking at the fundamental skills of walking in the upland terrain

      Mountain Skills
      As above but for more mountainous terrain.

      Lowland Leader
      This scheme is folk who wish to lead groups on way marked paths in the countryside. I am a currently a provider of this course.

      Hill & Moorland Leader
      If you want to lead group in the upland areas (Dartnoor / Brecon Beacons) then this is the award for you

      Mountain Leader
      For those who wish to lead group in the mountains

      More information all these can be found here – http://www.mountain-training.org/walkin

      For all the awards you will need to create an account on the MT Candidiate Management Systen (CMS) and then register for the award that you would like to do. All of then have pre- requirements and once you fulfiull these you can book on an advertised course through an approved MT Provider. All courses are listed on CMS.

      I hope this helps but if you would like more information then please drop me an email at chris@chmas.co.uk.

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