Good Words To Use In Outdoor Education

I have been become increasingly aware of the most trendy management buzzwords starting to creep into Outdoor Education. I’m not sure if this is the educator trying to look clever/impress others or whether they have simply forgotten what attracted them to the outdoors in the first place!

I read an Institute for Outdoor Learning (IOL) journal recently which presented anĀ alternative set of words that were so simpleĀ and yet so strong that it made me think about the words that I use. It’s too soon to decide what impact these words are having on my delivery but I feel that I have awoken from a slumber and can see the natural world clearly once again. Not a bad feeling when all I did was to change the words that I use.

To find out more about these ‘Good Words’ then please click on the link below.

CHMAS Coaching Page – Good Words Article

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3 Responses to Good Words To Use In Outdoor Education

  1. Phil Plant says:

    It was with awe and wonder and a certain amount of curiosity, that I read your inspirational words, full of imagination and enjoyment of the gift of speech. The creativity shows a level of judgement that can only be gained after a long period of trusted leadership

  2. Phil – Ecellent use of good words there and perhaps we can discuss more tomorrow. Tea white – no sugar for about 08:45 please.

  3. Phil – did you see the final draft of the assessment tips?

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