CPD – Development Coach Training

My fellow trainees and Trainer Joby Davis (far right on the front)

Last week, I attended a Development Coach Training Course run by Joby Davis and a mighty fine course it was too. The course was delivered over two days and there was a mix of accomplished coaches (GB Squad) and folks like me who have just got a foot on the rung of the coaching ladder.

For me, the course exposed a weakness in my coaching knowledge which I wasn’t quite prepared for. The good news is that after exposing these gaps it provided a clear pathway to shore up these gaps as I progress to the assessment in the future. This was provided by peer workshops / discussions, the course materials and of course just chatting with the other candidates. This often resulted in quite a few light bulb moments (plan –  mime – climb, double clipping & hand to hold after clipping to name but a few) and I have already incorporated these into my personal climbing.

I’m still reflecting on the course and how much it will impact (positive or negative) on my climbing / coaching in the future but I have started the research to fill the gaps, thought about how I can get a few climbers to let me coach them to fill up portfolio so the early indications are the impact has so far been positive.

If you are thinking about attending a development coach training course then I can highly recommend one provided by Joby Davis.


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