Good Words To Use In Outdoor Education

Just recently I have been involved with Team Development & Management Training courses and it seems that these courses have a vocabulary of their own with phrases like ‘Blue Sky Thinking’, ‘Buy In’, ‘Deliverables’,’Encapsulate That’, ‘Energisers’, ‘Freeze Frame This’, ‘Gate Keepers’, ‘Helicopter View’, ‘Outcomes & Outputs’, ‘Performance Measurement’, ‘Skills Transfer’, ‘Thinking Outside the Box’, ‘Freeze Forward’ and a whole lot more besides all of which are over used and arguably have a place in this type of training.

However, I’m just wondering if this type of vocabulary has a place in today’s outdoor learning experiences which, from what I’ve seen are slowly creeping in. Some might argue for example that this is a good thing and demonstrates the positive benefits that outdoor training can bring in a professional capacity. Others though feel that the introduction of this trendy jargon devalues the importance and to some degree the quality of an outdoor learning experience.

A recent article in an IOL Journal promoted the the following words as perhaps being more of the buzz words that we might like to use when involved with outdoor experiences






Awe & Wonder




It is my own belief that these are strong / good words to use in the outdoor learning environment and which have all the attributes  of the modern management words but are just plain simple to understand. Perhaps too simple for most modern leaders to comprehend but which are understood by most of the population.

If you have any views on this then please feel free to comment as it would be good to discuss this issue.

To download a PDF version of the ‘Good Words then please click Good Words PDF

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