Canoeing for Arthog Outreach

All good canoe games involve a pumpkin!

This week at Arthog Outreach was possibly the wettest canoes session I have ever run! Not through people falling it but in terms of the weather. Despite it being the first session out of  four, the group didn’t complain too much about the weather and really got stuck into the canoeing.

We played lots of games to get everyone’s spirits up and to keep warm. The group loved playing pirates and I got left on the rocks again by my crew but this time they did come back to rescue me after they had retrieved the pumpkin. The final part of the session involved throwing and retrieving the pumpkin before the other teams! A real bit of stealth learning as the crews made the canoes go backwards, forwards and turn to the left and right. All thoroughly enjoyed their time on the water and wanted to do more.

For the next session the group have asked to go climbing so weather permitting we’ll be off to Grinshill.

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