Canoeing For Arthog Outreach

Having fun on and off the water

My last session for Arthog Outreach was a canoeing for a group of Year 5’s. The day was full of unexpected challenges but despite these everyone enjoyed the canoeing. Due to the cold weather, I opted for rafted canoes. This meant that the canoes were soon whizzing around and everyone stayed warm. We played lots of games and there was lots for fun and laughter all around as we got off the water for lunch.

The hot chocolate warmed everyone up during lunch. With the team refuelled and warmed up the they were eager to get back on the water. After lots of exploring, games and other shenanigans the temperature dropped sharply. Unfortunately with cold hands becoming an increasing problem it was time to get off the water. Despite their cold hands, the young people loaded the canoes in record time and we set off the centre to warm up.

Once everyone had warmed up, we ventures outside for an impromptu bushcraft session. No buschcraft session is complete with a fire! We used ours has a focal point to sip hot chocolate and reflect on the day.

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