Bronze DofE Training

We’ve got this……….

One of the best ways to make sure your training is up to date is to freelance for other companies. Towards the middle of May, Chris was working for a company called First4 Adventure. His first job for them was to facilitate a DofE Training weekend in Leicester.

Day 1
This was a school based day looking at equipment, route planning, campcraft, first aid & emergency procedures and camp cooking. A very productive day that will serve the participants well for their practice expedition.

Day 2
This was a day walk in the Leicestershire Countryside, which was much better than I expected. The team were keen to learn about navigational strategies and they were soon making all the key route decisions. Some of the team were also proud to belong to the ‘wild wee’ club, which caused a few giggles. They ended the day on a high and were all looking forward to completing their practice and qualifying expeditions.

A lovely weekend working with a fab team and great company. To let CHMAS facilitate your DofE Expedition, then please take a look at DofE Pages to find out more.

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