Archery at the Adventure Rope Course

Looking for gold..........

Looking for gold……….

I haven’t run an archery session for some time but in the  space of a week, I’ve run two for my good friends at the Adventure Ropes Course and  very enjoyable they were too.

Session One For MFU
Lots of laughter and competition on this one as both teams wanted to win the title of Robin Hood, which entitled them to a little prize.

Lady Bikers Activity Morning
A split group with the more adventurous on the ropes course with the rest of the team on the archery range with yours truly. I had a very competitive group who like the mini competitions I introduced (highest score, round the clock, holiday time and nearest the bull). To start with the group had a very scattered approach to hitting the target but with a little fine tuning the accuracy improved and the competition intensified as did the laughter and smiles.

A cracking morning on the range and strangely I’m looking forward to running more archery sessions later in the year.

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