Another Week At Arthog Outreach

It’s good to be back in the grove for Arthog Outreach and this week, I have been leading canoeing and team building challenges, which despite my cold were very enjoyable with lots of smiling faces and laughter ringing in my ears!

Canoe and fungi forage

Canoeing With Year 4’s at Simpsons Pool
Although canoeing was the theme for these sessions it was used as a vehicle to deliver team building, confidence and co-operation. The teams worked to unload the canoes, built the super canoes, worked together to propel the canoes and then at the end of the session dismantled the super canoes and loaded the trailer. We played lots of games on the water, compass, fruit salad, thunder, speed challenges and stand up paddling. During the lunch time break, the group spotted some fungi and were keen to identify them

Judging by the feedback received everyone had a good time and a special thanks needs to go to Jamie and Tom for their help and support in delivering these sessions.

Team Building With A Year 3 & 4 Group
In the morning, I delivered team building challenges and games to a Year 3 Group through the process of Plan – Do – Review cycle. We played lots of games (hoop challenge, balance tray, keeper of the keys to name but a few). As a reward for the efforts we finished off with a few traversing games on the climbing wall.

For the afternoon group, the team building was delivered through the vehicle of climbing session, with the group having personal challenge (how high they climbed) and then taking responsibility for each other when belaying. A very enjoyable session and hopefully the group will take some of the things they learnt back into the classroom with them.

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