Yr Hafod – Staff Training & Farewell Party

Just one of the hidden gems on this stream walk

Just one of the hidden gems on this stream walk

Last weekend, I was at the Welsh Scout Council’s Hostel (Yr Hafod) for a team get together and to say farewell to the outgoing Chairman and Secretary who have been involved with the team for over 40 years.

Some months ago, I had been tasked with looking at suitable gorge / stream scrambles for the team to use in the event of wet weather. After a little research, I found a little hidden gem in the Ogwen Valley that might be suitable so I took the opportunity to walk the water course to see what treasures it held and I wasn’t disappointed. There where waterfall, rock steps and small pools to for the adventurous to contend with and all within a short distance of Yr Hafod.

I had previously looked at the relevant permits that may be required (hill walking, rock climbing & swimming) and figured out a typical instructor matrix and was quite pleased that the assumptions in this earlier work where correct. All that now remains is to draw up a risk assessment and a set of operational procedures which is likely to require several ‘wet trips’ to the venue to make sure they work.

While on the hill, I managed to get some excellent mountain scenes and the best of which can be found here.

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