World Challenge – Potential Leaders Course

For some time now, I have been thinking about leading an Expedition for World Challenge and after submitting the online application form, I was called forward to take part in their potential leaders course. The course is in two parts and a brief summary of each element is given below.

Part 1 (2 days)
The first day of the course is to introduce the company, it’s activities and ethos, facilitation skills training and a little socialising in the evening. The second day provides training to cover the specific workshops that are required as part of a World Challenge expedition.

All went well on the course and and now I’m looking forward to attending the Part 2 Course.

Part 2 (2 days)
The next stage is to work with a group completing their training weekend under the watchful eye of a mentor. I was asked to deliver a wide range of topics as well as supervising the group cooking and team challenges as they undertake two hill walks while carrying expedition packs.

The feedback that I had from the course was good and look forward to leading my first expedition for World Challenge.

If you would like to find out more about leading for World Challenge then please follow the link below and remember to tell them that I recommended you.

How To Become A World Challenge Leader


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