Working For The Adventure Rope Course

It’s always fun working at the Adventure Rope Course and this week was no different and I found myself running the following activities.


Getting to grips with archery

Getting to grips with archery

It’s been a while since I ran an Archery Session so I was quite looking forward to this one. I started with a blank target which everyone hit but as soon as the target face was added the groups aim went astray.

A few coaching tips and a bit of encouragement and the arrows where soon hitting the target with ease with or two landing the bull’s-eye.

Ropes Course Activities

I run two very different sessions. One was a an evening session for a group of language students who particularly like the Giant Swing and the second was a  birthday party for a group of 12 year olds who got stuck in to the Adventure Tunnels, High Al-A-Board, Giant Swing and Parachute Fan and there was much laughter and smiling faces all around.

Bushcraft Party
I absolutely love running bushcraft sessions so I really enjoyed this session. The young people where shown a few methods of how to light a fire and they then chose a method to get a fire going to cook sausages, make bushcraft bread and toast marshmallows.

Go Fence Session

On Guard!

On Guard!

It was time for Taffos to make a reappearance for the fencing session and a jolly good session it was too. The group really took to fencing and it was good to see them putting their new skills into practice in the fencing competition at the end of the session.

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