Working for Arthog Outreach

IMGP0014wpIt’s a been a quiet week working for my friends at Arthog Outreach¬†which has seen me involved in an after school bushcraft club, instructing on a GCSE PE module and running the second day of a REC Level 2 Emergency First Aid Course.

After School Bushhcraft Club
This was the final session and the group used all the skills they had previously learnt, to prepare and light a fire to make bushcraft bread and hot chocolate. A busy but very rewarding session.

GCSE PE Module
The group are progressing well and its great to see them taking responsibility for their actions and setting their own challenges. Next week is their final week and so I’ll to have my assessor hat on to give them an appropriate grade.

REC Level 2 Emergency First Aid Course
The second day and I was really pleased by how much the candidates had remembered from the previous day. We had quite an accident prone course and it was good to see the candidates applying their new skills in inventive ways.

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