Working At The Adventure Rope Course

Hitting the balloons

Hitting the balloons

It’s always fun working for my friends at the Adventure Rope Course and this Saturday was no exception. In the morning I was running a ropes course session and in the afternoon an archery session.

Adventure Rope Course
Working with a family of 3 (dad and two daughters) we opted to tackle the following challenges:

  • Adventure Tunnels;
  • Para  Fan;
  • Leap of Faith; and
  • Climbing Walls & Abseiling.

It turned out to be a cracking session and there was laughter all around as they each tried to out perform the other.

Archery Session
Despite the low numbers this turned put to be quite a lively session as the participants got to grips with fundamental skills and requested a few challenges. Eager to oblige, I introduced them to we played balloon popping, around the clock and best of three and in it was great to see them competing so well against each other.

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