Working at Arthog Outreach

A canoe trip on the River Severn

A canoe trip on the River Severn

I sometimes feel very privileged to work at Arthog Outreach and this was certainly one of those weeks!

Field To Fork Walks (Years 1)
Our adventures for the day started with foraging for food in the woodland environment (wild garlic, gorse petals, wood sorrel & nettles) and of course having lots of fun sploshing through the squelchy mud. As the day progressed, we moved into the farming environment where we where able to see the young lambs and fields that where just starting to sprout their crops.

Canoeing On the River Severn (Buildwas to Ironbridge)
Working with a Year 5 Group who were looking at Invaders and Settlements as part of this terms topics I led a canoe group on the River Severn pretending to be Saxon Invaders looking for a camp on the banks of the River. The young people really entered into the spirit of the day and we had lots of chanting as we made the rafted canoes travel both upstream / downstream on the river,

A cracking day on the water working with some great young people and teaching staff.

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