Winter Walking – Scimitar Ridge

Bob having fun on the slabs

With deteriorating weather conditions, it was time to look for low level routes if we were going to get out today. A quick scour of the maps and guide books revealed that the Scimitar Ridge (Grade 1/2) in Glen Nevis might provide a mornings support before the real bad weather arrived.

Richard leaving the slabs

The start of the route begins up a steep rock slab and because of the wet conditions we decided to pitch this section of the route which is probably the crux. Once over this section the route is consistent grade 1 and we enjoyed a bit of bravado / setting challenges as we we found our way over the many slabs and short rock steps that make up the main summit ridge.

Simon and Richard scrambling about

All too soon the scrambling was over and it was time to make our way down the grassy slope back to the car. With the weather deteriorating we spent the rest of the day catching up on personal admin and socialising in a nearby hotel.

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