Up the Wrekin

At the summit - busy today

Living in Shrewsbury we are surrounded by a number of great local hills, which are great for those looking for an introduction to hill walking or to escape for a few hours. A particular favourite of my is ‘The Wrekin’ probably because of the great views from the top and the many myths and legends that surround its formation (is it an extinct volcano, was it formed when a giant on his way to Shrewsbury sat down for a rest or is it an accumulation of volcanic ash and larva flows?).

Information boards - hill forts

With some spare time on my hands at the weekend, we decided to take a familly walk up and round the ‘The Wrekin’. A good track runs all the way to summit and for those in need of refreshments there is a cafe halway and then there’s the remains of the iron age hill fort.

Most folk retreat from the summit using the main path but a pleasant addition is to take the steep descent off the back and then use good paths to skirt around base of the hill back to the start. This is pleasnt woodland walking and depending on the time of year allows you to see a variety of flora and fauna.

We had a great time on this walk so if you have a few hours to spare then you won’t be disappointed with a trip to ‘The Wrekin’.

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