Three Star Canoe Training & Assessment

Earlier in the week I working for my friends at Tynant Outdoors to provide a three star canoe training and assessment course over three days.

Turning practice

Our venue for the first day was the River Severn at Shrewsbury where I was able to assess the clients fundamental skills and develop an action for the following days to ensure a successful outcome for the assessment. During the day we looked at trimming the boat for the conditions, forward paddling (active posture, trunk rotation & power transfer & acceleration), turning the boat and how edging can be used to assist the turn. A very useful day on the water with a massive improvements in both paddlers in terms of forward paddling.

Inside pivot turn in progress

Our venue for the second day was Ellesmere Lake where built on the skills practiced the day before before looking at J stroke variants, inside & outside paddling turns, c strokes, paddling backwards (reverse J strokes, cross deck backwater strokes), moving sideways (draw stroke on the move & hanging draw), poling, sailing and canoe rescues). I think the highlight for me that day was watching David who has a background in sprint using the canoe pole to paddle. To see the video clip of this then please click here.

Running Tombstones

For the final day, I opted to paddle on the River Dee at Llangollen to look at moving water elements of the syllabus, which are crossing the flow (ferry gliding) and breaking in / out of the current using the theme of SPANGLE (Speed, Angle, Landing/ Launch point & Edge) and support strokes. To finish off the day we also run Tombstones Rapid (Grade 2) which although outside of the 3 star canoe syllabus seemed a fitting end to the day.

I’m pleased to say both clients passed there 3 star and I look forward to working with them both again in the future. A really¬†fantastic 3 days on the water.

If you would like CHMAS to run this course for you then please take a look at our main site by clicking here .

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