Third Week at Arthog

I’m really enjoying my time at Arthog Outreach and last week I had a number of jobs to do to ensure the smooth running of the centre. The first was to get to grip with the climbing / bushcraft / caving store to make the kit more accessible and there will be trouble if anyone messes up the system.

I have built up a quite a reputation as an¬†experienced paddle sport coach I was asked to do a peer review for a canoe session. As I expected, I learnt a great deal from observing and most of which I will include in my own sessions. My comments were well received and a few things I observed resulted in minor changes to the operating procedures so a job well done in my opinion. I just don’t understand why this type of peer review isn’t seen as a positive thing in other centres I have worked at.

Shrewsbury is over there

Shrewsbury is over there

On the instructing side of things, I took a group of Year 3’s to Grinshill for a climbing and exploration session. The climbing took a little while to get started but was enjoyed by all. However, I think the most enjoyable part was the exploration as we made our way to the Grinshill summit beacon eating blackberries and trying to guess which direction Shrewsbury and Telford where from the summit.

Another great week and lets hope for more to come.


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