Team Challenge in Somerset

On Top of The Wall

Earlier in the month, I was involved in a a five day programme of team challenges in Somerset for Outposts. Each group was with us for 24 hours and undertook the following challenges:

  • High & low ropes courses;
  • Night walk; and
  • On site team challenges.

I was fortunate to be working with my old mates Phil (Dad), Dai, and  Dan and I haven’t laughed as much in ages with the endless banter and it was good to catch up with folk again.

Possibly, the highlight of week for me was on the night walk and and the sheer enjoyment the groups took from looking at the stars and planets. Some of the questions where very demanding and required a little research to answer (later in the programme). Although, I found a nice little app on the android market place called ‘Google Sky Map’ which mean identification of the stars was a little easier from this point on. Perhaps this technology isn’t so bad after all.

I had a great five days and came away with lots of ideas to incorporate into my own team building programmes which will be great for next year.


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