Team Challenge in Somerset (2)

I was back working for my friends at Outposts for a second team challenge in Somerset and I was once again involved in the sit on tops, raft building and team challenge aspect of the programme.

Rafting Up

Sit on Tops at Ansty’s Cove
I hadn’t been to Ansty’s Cove in Torquay since the sit on top training in February, where we paddled around the bay in moderate water conditions (sea state 4). Thankfully, we had sunshine and blue skies over the two days which was just perfect for the group some of whom had never paddled before. As this was an end of term treat, the sessions were more fun than educational and we toured the bay booking for coves to play a few games and have the obligatory water fights and the capsizing of other paddlers. Work just shouldn’t be this fun!

Raft Building
I always find raft building so entertaining and these sessions were no different. Although, I have to say the kids rafts were much better than the teachers who despite various attempts just didn’t stay together for long.

Team Challenges
I was responsible for the team challenge to correctly estimate the weight of a brick, which most of the teams estimated correctly, once they had worked out how to transport the water from one side of the challenge to the other.

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