Team Challenge in Somerset (1)

I have recently spent 3 days in Somerset working for Outposts in Somerset on an outdoor programme for a local school. It was a multi activity programme involving raft building, mountain biking, caving, rock climbing, high ropes and sit on tops on the sea. I was involved with the sit on tops and raft building elements of the programme.

Wet Games

Sit on Tops at Minehead

What a great two days instructing sit on tops on the beach at Minehead in what was mainly glorious weather. The sessions were designed to be more fun than educational and therefore ended up being very wet indeed with lots of water fights  and games. I had a great time on the water and from the feedback we received so did the group.


It Stayed Afloat

Raft Building
Making your own raft is just so much fun, first you have the design stage which says some really wacky designs emerge. Then its time to build it (if in doubt about knots do lots) and then test it (shake test first and then the float test) where if all goes well the raft stays together or if not a a bit of redesign is required. Then its on the water for  few races / team games and the inevitable sinking of another team’s raft.


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