Team Building With Arthog Outreach

Team Challenge - Make A Shape Blindfolded

Team Challenge – Make A Shape Blindfolded

On Friday, I was working for my friends at Arthog Outreach providing a team building session for Years 4 & 5. The week before, I had a particularly good session and this was to be a repeat session with the second half of the class.

After the first activity, it became clear that the outline programme I had used the previous week would need modification to suit this teams needs. The morning went very quickly as we passed through a number of challenges (hoop challenge, blindfold shapes, sleeping policeman etc) each with a leader and a review looking at the team performance (from the leaders point of view) and leader performance (from the teams point of view). The reviews were honest and provoked a little bit of discussion on what needed to be improved for the next session.

After lunch, we looked at some top rope climbing and the group really took to the challenge of looking after each (safety checks, encouragement when climbing & concentrating when belaying).

I had a great day and so did the young people, all that now remains to be seen is how much of the skills they have learnt are retained next week in the classroom.


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