Silver D of E Canoe Expedition – River Wye

Starting off the Expedition

It’s proving to be a busy year on the D of E front this year and I have recently returned from supervising / assessing a Silver D of E canoe expedition on the River Wye for Gateway Outdoor.

The group had chosen a route starting from Glasbury and finishing at the rowing club in Hereford, which includes some great sections of the river including the Monnington Falls (which is Grade 1/2 rapid). After a quick chat about equipment, river hazards and their route cards it was soon time for the team to get in their boats and start their expedition.

Day 1 – Glasbury to Clock Mills
I meet the group early on the first day for the pre expedition check and I’m pleased to say the teams preparation has been very well thought through. Soon it was time for the team to get going and with check points arranged it was soon time for morning brew. The team paddled well on the first day and were at the checkpoints and the overnight campsite at the agreed time.

Day 2 – Clock Mills to Bycross
The weather remained dry for the 2nd day and the team made good progress down the river. The lunch stop was at Breadwardine where I met the group for a quick chat before arranging to meet them at the overnight campsite.

Day 3 – Bycross to Hereford
The weather deteriorated on the last day and the team showed great resolve and team work to load the boats and get on the way. The team’s progress slowed a little but I’m pleased to say they all made it to the rowing club in Hereford and were extremely proud of their achievements in completing the expedition.

The team performed really well and as a result it was a simple decision to congratulate them on their success and enquire about future expeditions.

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