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From an early age I have always been interested in first aid, initially through the St John’s Ambulance and then having to maintain a first aid qualification to work in the outdoors. Therefore, when an opportunity arose in March to attend a REC Trainers Course, I grabbed it with both hands so that I could enhance my skill levels and teach others a valuable life saving skill!

The REC trainers course runs over 4 days and the one I attended provided an intense (at times, thought provoking, informative but thoroughly enjoyable experience. The headline acts for each day are summarised in the text below.

Day 1
I arrived on the first day of the course with great trepidation and not quite sure what to expect. After quick introductions, it was soon time for the nitty gritty and we looked at:

  • the history and ethos of REC;
  • the process involved in becoming a REC Trainer;
  • risk assessments for running a course;
  • the cognitive stages of learning;
  • learning styles (V A R K);
  • session planning;
  • the key elements of a first aid course; and
  • homework – design a syllabus for a two day REC Course.
Day 2

Delivering a session…..

It appeared that most of us had worked away into the small hours with the homework and there was much discussion over tea as we compared our programmes.
The day kicked off with a review of the first day, which to the amusement of our tutors took a little longer than expected but we got there in the end. Our homework was reviewed before getting stuck in with the main sessions of the day and we looked at:

  • presenting styles based on IDEAS and EDICT and we were then asked to give a mini presentation;
  • giving feedback; and
  • how to assess and developing a crib sheet
  • HSE requirements; and
  • homework – prepare a session on a specified topic.
Day 3

Prop session delivery

This was our first real presentation day where we all took it in turns to give our allotted presentations and to receive feedback from the rest of the group.
My presentation was to cover minor bleeds from the head / hand and cuts with a protruding foreign body. It went reasonably well but like most of the presentations, the advice was to make it more concise. I found this day really useful and picked up loads of ideas to include in my sessions.

We also covered:

  • the advantages / disadvantages of using PowerPoint, Flip Charts, Video / Internet and props when presenting; and
  • homework to present a further session on a specifed topic.
Day 4

Delivering a CPR session

The morning was filled with presentations and I received good feedback for my session (anaphylactic shock), which I was really pleased about. Then in afternoon, we looked at:

  • preparing a CPR Session and introducing the various protocols and introducing scenarios;
  • completing the final stages to become a REC Trainer; and
  • individual action plans.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and all being well will complete the process to become a REC Trainer in the next 6- 12 months. However, for the moment I shall be busy preparing my lesson plans for submission to REC to achieve Assistant REC Trainer status.

If you are looking for a first aid course or a Trainers course then I strongly recommend that you attend one run by Getafix and you can obtain more information on the their courses by clicking here.

If you would like further information on REC courses please click here.

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