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facebook-logo2aThe last four days has seen me complete a First Aid at Work (FAW) course and a Go Fence course and it was quite relaxing to be the trainee rather than the trainer for a wee while.

First Aid At Work Course
I successfully completed my  REC First Aid Trainer course a few months back with Leo Hoare at Getafix (see earlier post by clicking here.) but despite the best of intentions, I somehow just never got round to completing the final hurdles so that I could become a REC Trainer. With my first aid qualification about to expire I thought the time was right to kick off the process.

Like most outdoor instructors, keeping a valid first aid qualification is an absolute imperative as most of the NGB awards I hold are only valid if a current first aid certificate is held. I looked at the options available to me and decided to complete a FAW course as this would help me to tick off one of the outstanding requirements to become a REC trainer and more importantly I can keep working as I have current first aid certificate. I had hoped to use Sam Iskander at First Aid 4 Life for this but due to geographical reasons and finding a suitable course date this proved to be quite challenging. Therefore, I opted for a local course with the Saint John Ambulance (I was an active member in my younger days) and I’m pleased to say it was one of the best courses that I have been on. The trainer Gareth Jackson was excellent and really tailored the course to the participants needs while still covering the mandatory syllabus. I have also picked up quite a few training tips for my own delivery and I’m looking forward to putting it all together over the next few months.

GO Fence Course
The British Fencing Association provide an instructional course for youth leaders, school teachers & outdoor instructors who wish to provide fencing taster sessions primarily to young people. It’s a one day course called Go Fence and takes you through the process of delivering a series of sessions to provide a basic introduction to the sport with plastic or foam swords to keep things nice and safe.

I found the content of the sessions very useful and the coaching tips to improve my own fencing (I hadn’t done any before) very useful and I enjoyed the course. The delivery of the sessions, in my opinion, left a lot to be desired but it did prove without a shadow of doubt that I’m a good trainer / facilitator and I just need to believe it and project that persona.

Overall, I had quite an enjoyable course and I’m looking forward to delivering ‘Go Fence’ sessions in the near future.

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