Personal Climbing at Wolf Mountain

Making progress on one of the first leads

Making progress on one of the first leads

On Wednesday, I was out with my friend and fellow outdoor instructor Martin Digby for a spot of Personal Development or play as my wife likes to call it. Our PD days this year have seen us canoeing and mountain scrambling and this time it was a spot of indoor climbing at Wolf Mountain.

We started off with few easy top roped ropes before leading a few routes and I must confess that I wanted to push it a bit and opted for a few overhanging routes to test out Martin as I knew he hadn’t been climbing for some time. Unfortunately, the gamble back fired and it was me who was soon flagging, which Martin found rather amusing and I have to say his inspirational comments of such as you could either lose weight or grow 6 inches made me chuckle!

After lunch we found an amusing corner route that we named the ‘flaming buttocks of doom’ due the rather unusual shape of the holds. Martin with his extra height made good progress before conking out near the top. I on the other hand needed the extra height of the belay bag just to get off the floor, which caused much amusement.

As always, I had a great day out with Martin and I’m looking forward to our next outing later in February.

However, there is always two sides our our PD days and you can find out Martin’s version of events by clicking here.

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5 Responses to Personal Climbing at Wolf Mountain

  1. Phil Plant says:

    Perhaps you and I should go out and do a bit of climbing as well as paddling Chris. I’d be happy to help you out with your CWA

  2. Phil – happy to oblige but it is CWLA which is step up from the CWA and it would be good to get out and about mate.

  3. Phil Plant says:

    CWA, CWLA it’s only a letter! Oh and a load of harder grades. Are you in next week, we can perhaps sort a couple dates out?

  4. It is only a letter but goodness it’s an importnat one – I’m in on Wednesday next week and sorting out dates would be good.

  5. Phil Plant says:

    Excellent see you Wednesday

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