Outdoors with Arthog Outreach

This week at Arthog Outreach, I have been in the woods with Year 4’s and canoeing with Year 5’s and a splendid three days it has been too.

Jungle Exploration

Tasty treats in the jungle

Tasty treats in the jungle

This Year 4 group are looking at jungles as a theme for this term and to bring this topic alive we went for a jungle exploration in the nearby woods.

Our theme for the day was how to live in the jungle so we set up a base camp, made a fire and toasted marshmallows to see how well they would cope living in a jungle environment. We also looked at basic tracking skills and identification of various trees and edible fruits. A cracking day out.

Canoeing at Simpsons Pool

Having fun - messing about in canoes

Having fun – messing about in canoes

A fantastic two days introducing some Year 5’s to the fundamental canoe skills (forwards, backward & turning) through the medium of games and personal challenges. What the group lacked in ability they made up with their enthusiasm and willingness to have a go and it was great to see them, eventually, getting to grips with the canoe and making it go where they wanted it to go. This was the last session with these two groups and it will be sad to see them go but I hope they all have fond memories of their activities and take some of their new skills back into the classroom with them.


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