Open D of E Gold on the River Wye

Cooking at camp

Towards the end of July, I was working for my friends at ProAdventure Assessing an open Gold D of E Canoe expedition on the River Wye. The group had decided to paddle from Hay On Wye  to Monmouth a distance of some 80 miles camping at Bycross, Lucksall Campsite and Ross Rowing Club.

The group were well organised and managed to get on the water at 9:00 on the first day and left Hay on Wye in glorious sunshine and arrived at their overnight camp is good spirits and quickly got settled in.

Another prompt start on the second day and the group paddled off into the wind to make their way to the glorious Lucksall Campsite, which is enjoyed but all who stay their. I visited the group to see them cook their evening meal and felt very much at home in the camp set up and it took a quite an effort to leave the group on their expedition.

I saw the group at the campsite at Hoarwithy the next day as they floated by right on schedule with much laughter and good spirits all round. Unfortunately, the wind picked up that afternoon and I was advised by their supervisor that the group arrived on time at the campsite tired but on time.

On the final day, I joined forces with their supervisor to meet them at Symonds Yat Rapids and at their final destination Monmouth Rowing club to congratulate them on their success.

Draft ‘ Wye Play’

As you might have guessed, I’m pleased to say that they all passed and I particularly liked the groups aims, which was to devise a board type game based on what they saw and experienced on their expedition. I had to have a go on the draft version but alas I didn’t win.

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