Navigation Training on the Shropshire Hills

I was approached by a local college in Shrewsbury to assist with their early Duke of Edinburgh (D of E) programme for the expedition section by providing a days training on the local Shropshire Hills.

Group on Lawley Summit

I met up with the team on Sunday morning at 9:00 and after introductions and a short brief on the objective for the day we made our way to the starting point for the walk, which was Acton Burnell. From here we made our way to the Lawley where we stopped for a spot of tiffin before heading up to the summit. From here we made our way to the summit Caer Caradoc before descending via the Three Fingers Rock. Then it was a short climb up to Helmeth Hill before being picked up at the base of Hazler Hill.

Along the way we looked at various navigational techniques and how these could be used to solve general route finding problems, what to do should someone become injured and more importantly have fun along the way.

The group were really great to work with and I was soon able to take a back seat role as they got to grips with making their own route finding decisions and I wish them the best of luck as they undertake further training to complete their qualifying expedition next year.

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