Mountain Biking at Cannock Chase

Its been a while, since I last rode at Cannock Chase and since then the original trail known as the ‘The Dog’ has been extended with a few extra features thrown in for added value. Of more note however, is the addition of a new trail known as ‘The Monkey’, which which combined with ‘The Dog’ gives some 14 miles of riding. Therefore, it was an opportunity not to be missed when my mate Paul rang me up to see if I was free to go biking at the weekend.

Much of the original route of ‘The Dog’ has either been closed or rerouted and new sections have been or will soon be built to replace them. ‘The Monkey’ is accessed at about the midpoint of ‘The Dog’ and is just awesome with some steep ups and flowing downhill single track with a few surprises thrown that may catch a few folk out. The trail eventually rejoins ‘The Dog’ and the last section is simply bliss with swooping downhill single track although the ‘Werewolf Steps’ is a bit out of  character with the rest of the route so watch out for these (it’s signed in advance) as its been the scene of one or two unplanned events!

To find out more about these routes then please click here.

For a copy the trail map for ‘The Dog’ and ‘The Monkey’ then pleae click here.

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