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Jumping for joy at Pole Bank

Jumping for joy at Pole Bank

Last week, I was working for my friends at Arthog Outreach working on various outdoor programmes which saw me canoeing at Simpsons Pool, climbing at Grinshill, walking on the Long Mynd and providing DofE instruction.

Rafted Canoes at Simpsons
Working with a Year 3 /Year 4 group is always fun as they are just so enthusiastic about everything they do and this group were no exception. A cracking session making the boat spin on the spot, tug of war, races, scavenger hung and of course stand up paddling.

Climbing at Grinshilll
Todays group were a little nervous and so I opted to ease them in gently with a straight forward corner climb but for some even this was a little ambitious. It always difficult balancing out different climbing abilities so I opted to put up a slightly harder climb and encouraged the nervous ones to be part of the safety team and it wasn’t too long before everyone was climbing. For once, it appeared that I made the right call.

Exploring on the Long Mynd
Working with the climbing group from the day before we ventured on to the Long Mynd for a bit of exploring. The wind on the top was quite strong but everyone enjoyed the challenge of getting up to Pole Bank, which at 516m is the highest point in Shropshire.

DofE Instruction
This proved to be a really great session to end the week on with everyone finally (well almost) getting to grips with producing a route card. To say I was well chuffed with the groups achievement is perhaps an under statement and as I left the school I certainly had a spring in my step!!

Lets hope for an even better set of sessions next week.

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