More Activity Instruction at Arthog Outreach

Another busy week of instruction at Arthog Outreach, which has seen me involved with the following activities.

Caving at Ogof Llanymynech

We're out - happy cavers

We’re out – happy cavers

This is one of my favourite group caves / mine as it relatively straight forward to manage but has a few little nooks and crannies to challenge the adventurous should they wish to do so. This week, I was out with a group of Year 5’s to investigate the cave and find out a little about its history. I also have a mighty fine tale of how I got involved with caving based around my caving mentor Al that the young people like! A fabulous day out where we passed through entrance chamber, shaft chamber before tackling the five ways chamber and exiting. All of the group had a good time and wanted to go again so a job well done in my opinion.

Climbing at Grinshill

Happy Year 3 Climber

Happy Year 3 Climber

I spent two days at this venue, the first working of Year 5’s looking at developing teamwork, personal responsibility, trust and communication skills through the medium of climbing. The second day was working with a Year 3 group who were having a climbing and walking experience to achieve a sense of place in the world.  A fantastic two days and ones which I hope will hold many fond memories for the young people.

If you would like this type of experience for you and your group then please take a look at our main website by clicking here


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