Mine Exploration – Cwmorthin Round Trip

IMGP3668wpIts been a while but at the weekend, I was able to catch up with my old caving mate ‘Scardey Dave’ and despite the wet weather we had a grand time exploring.

Our original intention had been to go the Wrysgan Slate Mine and play a little with ropes and then poke our heads in Cwmorthin. However, the wet weather had made the little stream something of a raging torrent and we opted to go and do the round trip in Cwmorthin instead (just in case we couldn’t get back across the stream). Dave and I reminisced about  our first visit to Cwmorthin (we did the round trip then – see our previous blog about this here) and lets just say we had a few false starts and minor mishaps so it took us several hours to complete.

This time however, we whizzed around, taking the time to look at the recent developments by ‘Go Below’ and exploring a few new passages and we where in and out in just under 3 hours and I took great delight in letting Scardey Dave I still had dry feet! While we where exploring we chatted about what it must have been like to work in the mine, the adventure playground elements introduced by Go Below and the new access arrangements.

Eventually, all good things must come to an end and we reached the new entrance gate to find it was still raining and a couple of cavers looking frantically in the pooled water for the gate key. Thankfully, they retrieved their key and we exchanged pleasantries and we went our separate ways.

Hopefully, I have a few more adventures with Scardey Dave in the New Year and I’m really looking forward to it.

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