Lowland Leader Training With CHMAS

Lowland Leader Action

CHMAS is very proud to be a Lowland Leader Provider and we had 6 very enthusiastic candidates on our last course run here in the majestic Shropshire countryside.

Day 1 – Sheinton
This day was all about looking at the fundamental walking skills and the roles and responsibilities of the Lowland Leader. We also had a few candidate led discussions on the way (edible plants & myths and legends). We also saw a host of plants & animals a top day out. At least that’s what the candidates told me.

Day 2 – Caer Caradoc
We were joined on the second day of the course by Simon Patton and Bryn Williams of Mountain Training by the way of a course moderation. This day was all about show casing the leadership and party management skills to enthuse a group on the hill. At the end of the day the lowland leader checklist was completed and individual action plans developed.

All the candidates enjoyed the course and I look forward to seeing them back later in the year foe their assessment. If you would like CHMAS to provide your Lowland Leader Training or Assessment then take a look at our Get Qualified Pages to find out more.


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