Kayaking – Three Star Assessment


As a BCU Level 3 Kayak Coach, I am also registered as a three star white water kayak assessor and I was asked by ProAdventure in Llangollen to run the assessment for them. The usual format is for two days training followed by a consolidation period and then one day of assessment but like most things it depends on your past experience and ability. This group with lots of previous experience had opted to go straight in for the one day assessment.

The venue for the day was to be the Llangollen Canal and selected areas of the River Dee for the moving water elements. The day kicked off with formal introductions and then it was soon time to get on the water. During the course of the day the candidates were asked to demonstrate, amongst other things:

  • efficient forward paddling;
  • reversing paddling over a prescribed course;
  • moving the boat sideways;
  • support strokes;
  • rescues / towing;
  • rolling on flat water;
  • breaking in / breaking out; and
  • ferry gliding.

I am pleased to say that all 4 candidates passed and many were already contemplating moving on the 4 star award and I wish them all when in their paddling journey.

More information about the 3 star white water award can be found on the British Canoe Union (BCU) website or by clicking here.

If you are interested in be being trained /assessed for this award or would like coaching in this area then please take a look at the activity pages on our main site by clicking here.

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