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Getting to Grips With The Kayak

On Saturday, I was was working for Arthog Outreach delivering a canoe session for Telford Young Carers. This was the second of three sessions to enable the young people to work towards the Paddlepower Awards.

Our venue for the day was Simpson’s Pool, which is great sheltered venue to learn the fundamental skills. The kayaks were unloaded and fitted up to the paddlers, before a gentle warm up and getting on the water. Once on the water we looked spinning the boats on the spot, forwards paddling and stopping and then it was time for lunch

After lunch we played a few games (compass, scavenger hunt and relays races) and looked at paddling posture. Unfortunately, during one of exercises the lad who fell in last time had his second unplanned event (capsize) but after a quick rescue he was soon whizzing around the pool to warm up.

Our next trip will be on the River Severn and the group are really looking forward to put their new skills into practice.

If you would like this sort of session for your group then please take a look on our main website to find out more by clicking here.

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