Kayaking – Intro White Water

Harry going for the eddy

Last weekend, I was working for ProAdventure running an intro white water kayaking day. Our venues for the day was split between the Llangollen canal to practice the fundamental skills  before venturing on the River Dee to play on the white water.

The session on the canal went very well with all the clients getting to grips with forward paddling, turning and stopping and as a build up for the whirte water we looked at edging the boat and how this could be use to turn the boat. With these skills mastered it was soon time to head off to the River Dee and build on the fundamental skills to practice:

  • Ferry gliding;
  • Breaking in / out of the current; and
  • River hazards & leadership.

If this type of course appeals to you then please take a look at our main site by clicking here.

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