Kayaking / Canoeing – BCU 2 Star Assessment

A few weekends ago, I found myself working for my good friends at ProAdventure running the second day of a BCU 2 Star Assessment. The clients had a great first day and after discussion about what was achieved I was left with a few kayaking skills to polish up and then deal with the canoe / kayak rescues.

Warming up on the canal

Our venue for the day was the Llangollen Canal which has a host of great locations for those new to canoeing / kayaking or those who wish to be trained / assessed for the early British Canoe Union (BCU) Star awards. Most of the morning was spend fine tuning and assessing the core kayak skills before moving on rescue practices. Although not strictly in the syllabus, we took the opportunity to practice Eskimo rescues, a great tool for those who are new to the sport.

In the afternoon, it was time to reflect on the morning and apply some of the rescue skills to the canoe environment as well as a few extras like towing etc as one or two were going on to take the Foundation Safety & Rescue Training course in a few days time.

I had a another great day and if you are interested in taking your star awards, foundation safety & rescue training course or would like an introduction to paddle sport then take a look at our main site by  clicking here.



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